I have a few rules for writing:

1) Be honest.

2) Be vulnerable.

3) Get permission before I write about others.

4) Tell the truth in ways that help other people.

5) Only make myself look like an idiot- not others.

Yesterday, I broke rule number 3. Without even thinking about it.

I edited the post . Fortunately- my husband loves me enough to tell me when I go over the line. I didn’t get permission to share parts of HIS journey. #fail.

Here’s the thing- there is no guidebook for sharing your cancer journey. There can’t be. Everyone’s threshold for sharing is a little different.  Instead of a guidebook- we need to rely on each other: To confront, to stretch, to learn, to grow and to move forward.

Why post this and not just edit the post and shut up about it?

Because this is something every couple deals with. Maybe not in a public forum like a blog- but in conversations- too. It’s about respecting each other’s boundaries.

Trust is a treasure….and it’s something we can damage when we talk/ share about things others feel uncomfortable with, or don’t give you permission to share.

So- this is me- apologizing to my husband for crossing that line…. and sharing with you- so you learn from my mistake. (what else is new? :P I’m here to serve:P)

Going forward- content like yesterday’s will be shared with my hubby prior to posting- because HIS feelings matter more than my sense of humor.

PS- just cause you laugh about it together…. doesn’t mean should laugh about it in public when you’re not together….