I have a confession. In answer to the Time cover:

I am not mom enough.

This isn’t a post about attachment parenting or breastfeeding. There are a lot of right ways to parent- and it’s a moms job to find the one that works for her and her family.

This is about the implied expectation that I should be mom enough. Maybe it’s a cultural expectation. Maybe it’s my own issues- but some deep confused part of me struggles with this:

I think I should be enough- and I know I’m NOT.

  • I’m not patient enough.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I’m not experienced enough.
  • I’m not consistent enough.
  • I’m not fun enough.
  • I’m not organized enough.
The list goes on forever…

I’m pretty much not : Mom, enough.

I used to think it was just me. I thought that if I worked hard, learned everything I could and kept trying… I could become Mom enough. I made myself (and everyone around me) nuts, trying to be.

Here’s what I think:

Being Mom enough- is a lie.

Don’t get me wrong= I know lots of amazing moms. But – he more moms I meet and get to know- the more moms I know don’t feel like they are “mom enough” either. Even the most “have it altogether” moms-.. know they lack something.

We’re not supposed to be enough.

We’re supposed to need each there.

We’re supposed to need God.

That. Is not a lie.

That makes us enough.

We are moms enough- when we mother- together.

Dear Lord- there is so much pressure in mothering… help us to find the help we need to be enough- in you and in each other. Give us the courage to admit our need and to tae the risks to trust each other and you. Fill the gaps and make us enough- in you- amen