I won’t be reading “Shades of Grey.” Not for research. Not for entertainment. Not in a box or with a fox.

I have a few reasons why:

1) I believe women are incredible, imaginative and creative beings. I believe women love story- and when we fill our hearts and minds with stories that real life can’t, won’t and shouldn’t even…measure up to… it can leave us feeling dissatisfied. Feeling dissatisfied can cause us to search for satisfaction. I feel the same way about trashy romance novels. I strive to be content. I work to protect my marriage and guard my heart. I work to be satisfied in my marriage- not in the stories of others.

2) I believe pornography (of all types) degrades women and men. Because it turns them into sexual images instead of created sexual beings. I believe that we are created wonderfully and fearfully- and should be treated with respect and love. Not degradation. Reviews of this series in particular states that it involves scenes of degradation. I don’t support things that degrade human beings. I won’t invest my $ or time in it.

3) I believe in living with as little hypocrisy as I can manage. (I am always pointing out my hypocrisy among other faults:P) Personally- I would think it wrong for my husband to watch a movie with the same scenes- so I won’t be reading them. (Research shows men are stimulated visually- women more so emotionally and cognitively… to me it’s two sides of a bad coin outside the context of marriage.)  If I read it- I’d be a hypocrite. No thanks. I already have that merit badge.

4) I try to live authentically before my kids.  I live by the same rules I expect them to live by. I don’t read- watch things I’d tell them not to. Exception: When content is developmentally inappropriate but morally valuable.. (i.e. the news (sometimes.. sometimes it’s crap.), content about specific things they aren’t ready for. not just sex… I mean stuff like the details of cancer treatment, illness, life experiences like war… those are things that are appropriate for an adult to read/watch but not a child.) I believe in the power of story- and in choosing to devour them wisely. (I’m a book worm- addict. it’s true. This isn’t a campaign against story… it’s about:

5) Integrity. Being the same throughout. I struggle to be consistent: What you see is what you get. I long to follow Christ- his example and wisdom… that means I love people, treat them with respect and protect my relationships. Why I say is (mostly) what I do.

So- I won’t be reading shades of grey.

What that means:

1) I know you may not feel the same or believe the same. I respect that. I won’t judge you for reading it. This is about ME – not you. Who I am and what I believe- not what you should.

2) I won’t be ripping apart the author or their work. I am fully aware that what is porn to me may be art to another. I am only responsible for myself what I read and what I create.

3) If you read it and I know you personally- I may mock you mercilessly. It will be done in love and to your face. Without judgment. If I can figure out a way…….(I’m like that.Trust me.)

4) I may miss out on creative bedroom ideas to spice up my life…. Or not. Like I said- I believe we’re created imaginative and creative sexual beings- I don’t need to read others stories to create my own.

5) I will now be spammed by every bot there is. But- readers will know what I think.


Are you considering reading the series or have you read it?

Why? Why not?

If this book was on your coffee table—-would you let your child read it? Would you be embarrassed by the content?

And as cheesy as this sounds…. would Jesus read it? Would he want you to spend your time- engrossed in it?

I’m not being snarky… I’m serious and curious- what do you think?