“I’m a writer.”

It makes my stomach churn to say it. It feels just  like  when I used to lie about my homework in junior high. (And elementary school. Okay- it may have happened a lot. Sorry, Mom.)

But, it’s not a lie. It’s the truth. It just feels like a lie.

I thought it would feel “true” when I saw my first byline. It didn’t. I thought it would feel true when I got my first contract. It didn’t. Then I thought maybe it would feel true when I deposited my first check…. Nope.

I’ve been thinking maybe it will feel true when I get a book contract. Or an agent. Or maybe when I hold my first *swoon* book.

But this week I’m stepping up to a challenge- one put out by Jeff Goins- 15 Habits of a Great Writer.

Today’s challenge: To declare it.

I write. I am a writer. It’s my passion to connect people to ideas and to each other. To live an authentic faith in word and action.

It’s not a lie.

I will say again:

I am a writer.

I have stories that must be told or my head will explode.

It’s how I think. It’s how I pray. It’s how I communicate and how I connect.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.

Maybe, if I keep saying it- I’ll stop feeling like it’s a lie.

Regardless- I’m writing it- therefore: it’s true.

What about you?

Are you a writer? A dancer? A Violinist? A pianist? An accountant? A doctor?

What is your dream? Your goal? Does it feel like a lie?

Maybe it’s time to declare it. To yourself.

Dear Lord- You my the depths f my heart and the layers of insecurity I have bound up in it. Please help me to peel them away and embrace all that I am in you. Amen.