I hate cancer. Between you and me? I think Jesus does, too. (That’s in the book of Tracey, or Zepha-somebody- go ahead, do a word search, you’ll find it, or not.)

Guess what? Nobody likes cancer- or any other craptastic diagnosis. It freaks us out and makes us say weird things. I know this, because 1) I’ve said weird things to people and 2) Since my husband’s diagnosis- people have said weird things to me. Things that make me say “Huh? Do you know how that sounds?” Which is not the same as things that make you go: “Hmmmm.” (Which may be culturally relevant- but inappropriate, and I’m leaving it in- because it’s funny.)

Today, Jon Acuff let me hijack his blog to talk about the weird things we say when the diagnosis is —-insert yours here—-craptastic. (How awesome is that?)

So go! Read it! And then, let’s talk! Stuff Christians Like

If you’ve landed here from John’s blog- I want to say: Welcome to my jungle.

It’s not a cancer blog. It’s a blog about life, and faith and mothering and the mess that can be. (Especially at my house. #justsayin)

I love: people, (especially mine, you know who you are, and yes, I do mean you!) mothering, God, ideas, photography and knitting. Not necessarily in that order.

I work with MOPS International as a Field Leader and on the Board of Directors. (I still can’t believe that;) MOPS is where I’ve learned that the reason I feel
like “I can’t do this mothering thing on my own” is because I’m not supposed to and I don’t have to. No mom does.

I’m in Denver right now, at a MOPS board meeting- but I’ll be over in the comments on John’s blog as soon as I’m done- I can’t wait to hear the weird things you’ve said- and heard!