We talk about it all the time…. mothering. But, what are we talking about????  I don’t even know…. let’s see if we can figure it out, together.

What is a mother? ( A position, a calling, a vocation, a name, a choice, a responsibility, a biological function?……you tell me.)

What is mothering? ( an action, an attitude, a lifestyle, a hassle?)

Is there a right way to mother? Is there a wrong way? How can we tell the difference? (Don’t bother telling me HOW to mother… we all have the same answer- the right way is MY way, of course. :P)

What does family mean? (A biological unit, a creation of the heart, a hot mess? something to be avoided except for holidays?)

What is a family? (A team, a garden where humans are born, (much like pod people) an organism….)

Is family something you DO…. or ARE? Ohhhh theory. I love to talk theory.

How do you mother? With a tight ship? With loose reigns? Without a clue? With a lot of prayer. With tequila shots? (Not recommended. just sayin.)

Why do you mother? (Why are you a mother?) Because this one time in a backseat…..because your birth control failed. Because you want to make a difference in the world? Because children are a blessing? Because you have to?

With whom do you mother? Alone? With a Spouse? With a faith community? With a fairy godmother? With pets? With friends?

How has mothering changed you? For the better? For the Worse? Spiritually? Physically? (If you answer this with- “Not at all” I will try not to hate you but it will be hard, Christian or not.) Emotionally?

How has your mothering changed? Over time…. are you more or less controlling? More or less forgiving, more or less passionate, compassionate? Other?

Lots to think about….. I’d love to hear your thoughts……

If you’re new here…. you need to know- I hate politics. I’m not talking about political definitions….. I’m talking about how we live. You and I. Same or different. I’ve  worked with MOPS International for 20+ years….. I love moms of all kinds. This is a safe place. ;)

So….let’s talk about what we talk about when we talk about: Mothering.

(Hmmm there’s a book that might be fun to write.)

If you have other things to add to the list…. tell me!