To bring you up to date: this October I participated in the October Dress Project.

You choose one dress and wear it for the month. I skipped 4 days during #MOMcon because laundering just wasn’t a realistic option. And to be honest: I’m just way to insecure to wear the same dress everyday for board meetings and sessions and donor events.

I’m kind if shocked I pulled it off. It’s amazing what a few accessories can to to change up a look. I doubt most people noticed I was wearing the same dress.

The weirdest thing was: trying to make the dress work for everything from flag football games- (No matter how casual I worked it I still felt silly and over dressed, not to mention: freezing cold.) to speaking engagements.

Things I did in the dress: drs appointments, X-rays, laundry, bathroom cleaning, mopping, toilet cleaning, dishes, cooking, driving, carpool, grocery shopping, target shopping, pumpkin carving, pumpkin gathering in the rain, lunch mom, blood work, airline travel, tattoo touch up, date night, trick or treat door manning the list goes on.

What I learned: I still have too many clothes. I enjoy being creative with clothing. I really do wear too much black. Patterns aren’t the devil. Cheap accessories can add a lot to something plain. I’m looking forward to yet another closet culling.

I’ll do this again next year. :)

So- here are my looks for the month: