I looked up from my quiet -room service -sunday breakfast- before my flight home- as soon as I heard the hotel room door open. Just open. No knock. No call of “Housekeeping!”  Nothing. Just a guy. Walking into my room. In a royal blue polo shirt with the hotel logo on it. No name tag. And not how I’d seen anyone else dressed during my 5 day stay.

Which is when the “quiet” ended.

“EXCUSE ME?” I yelled. Fully prepared to take off my heels and wield them like ninja stars by flinging them at the “intruders'” head. (See? Heels are a travel must. they double as a weapon when necessary. I could totally have put an eye out. justsayin.)

The gentleman kept saying “I’m sorry” as he backed out of the room and closed the door. Dude could not be luckier that I was still on Michigan time and trying to make my morning less chaotic by being dressed and ready early. (In a lot of ways- seeing my spanx-less could have caused brain damage. Or caused his face to melt off like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Had I not been dressed- or out of bed….I’d have gone ninja psycho mom on him in a heart beat. (It was 9:00 am.) Clothes felt like I at least had that extra instant of protection. ( I may sleep fully dressed in hotels in the future.)

In the past, I’ve thought it’s lame and paranoid to flip those door latches latches or chains. I always put them on at night so that I can travel without making my husband nuts. Not so much during the day. I will now.

Chances are it was just an honest mistake. He could have thought I’d checked out already…. or just walked into the wrong room. Security is investigating. After a talk with the hotel manager- they comped my entire stay. From the points I used for the room, to the meals I ordered from room service and parking.

However- for that instant, when I first made eye contact with the “intruder” I wasn’t sure what was happening. My instincts and body immediately responded with: “You’re under attack!”  I could’t run. He was blocking (and by blocking I mean- standing) in the doorway. Real or perceived, I felt danger. I’m glad I yelled. The truth is you never know how you’ll respond to this kind of thing until it happens to you. Now, I know: I don’t freeze in panic. I reach for heels and imagine them as ninja weapons. Good to know. (I think. Unless theres another mistake and I put somebody’s eye out. I’d feel awful.)

Fortunately- all is well. No one lost any eyes. (More importantly- I didn’t lose any shoes out the door.) I’m fine. And now… the next time I stay in a hotel- I’ll  flip that latch and keep it flipped. Even after room service brings breakfast. Cause..(apparently)  you just never know when a random man might walk into your room at 9:00 am.

And hopefully, you will too.

PS: always pack heels. Sharp pointy, high ones. (Just don’t wear them in the airport, been there, blistered that.) Consider sleeping in them. Just in case.

The end.

Any weird scary hotel staying stories? Post them away in the comments…. hoping I’m not the only slacker to forget the latch thing….