I love to travel. To me travel is an opportunity to: Meet people. Experience new places, cultures, foods, climates and experiences. Aside from the hassle of it.. I truly- adore it.

But every time I travel, I run into this weird thing. I get a rental car, and because I’m licensed to drive, they just: give me the keys and I drive off. (Except this one time when I only brought a debit card and they oils to give me my rental.. that was a bad travel day. Thank you Jesus for Uber.)

Anyway. They give me keys because Mathews state I’m traveling in accepts my license as evidence that I know what I’m doing.

Except : there are differences. The signs are different here. Lights have different usages. People: in Colorado you often drive across traffic to get on a freeway. We just plain don’t do that (hardly ever) in Michigan. There are toll roads. We don’t have those. Either. So, while I’m technically licensed to drive, sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. I screw up. Last night I stopped in a panic because my understanding of how traffic lights work- was wrong. HERE. Where I am now.

It would make a lot more sense if part of your rental was a 10 minutes: here are the rules here, boot camp. Seriously. The world should implement this.

This isn’t my first rodeo here, (go me for an appropriate western dialect analogy!) so every trip I get better. I’m learning the rules and becoming more comfortable each trip. I’m figuring it out as I go.

Sometimes, that’s what we do.

Driving while traveling isn’t the only time I experience this. It happens in so many areas of my life. As a mom, I’ll be honest, I’m driving in new territory. I may be theoretically licensed.. even experienced, but in this place? I’m struggling to read the signs, and keep us all safe. Hmmm mostly from myself. How do you parent adult children? Is that even the right question to ask? How do I single parent a teen boy?

In my faith, I’m driving a new road too. Don’t panic. My faith hasn’t changed. But the driving terrain? Our Christian microculture? Different. I’m single. I’m a christian. I love people. All of them. The world is divided and I’m passionately called to be a minister of reconciliation. One to another and each one to god. I’m not a pastor. I am a leader. And: I’m me.

In my life, I’m preparing to enter the workplace formally for the first time in decades. Newsflash: new place. New rules.

It’s complicated. I’m trying to learn to read the signs, and figure out the traffic lights.

Here. Where I am now.to there,where ever God is taking me.

Aren’t we all?

Here’s the thing. I could just get a driver. Uber works. I could: quit. Stay home. Where it’s safe.i know the rules.

This week when I got to Denver, there was a snow storm. I upgraded my rental to a 4×4. Because: it’s hard enough not to get killed here due to driver error on a good day.

It was what I needed.

One of the things I love about Jesus is this: yup. He takes us off road once in a while. He doesn’t always tell us all the things we’d like to know in order to drive it well. He’s patient as we figure it out. And he upgrades us to a 4×4 of love. And grace. He gives us what we need when we need it. Even when the road is bumpy, and snow covered. All those new unknown places I’m driving in my life? He knows. He’s given me enough to drive here. I’m licensed. I knew w just barely enough. To start the adventure. To drive and figure out the nuance of these new rules as I go.

I’ll be honest, it would feel a lot more comfortable if he’d do this a different way. Like: tell me all the things. Warnings. Meanings. Actually? A gps with turn by turn instruction would be nice.

But I’m called to something more than safety and comfort.

I’m called to followJesus. Where ever he leads.

And not having all those little details? The nuance? It makes me ask for help when I’m driving.

Here in Denver, and in my life. I lean into the wisdom of people who know. I lean into Jesus, I pray, I seek, I ask, I even sometimes listen. Maybe, that’s exactly why it works like this. To keep us connected. To him, and each other.

Maybe you’ve arrived at a place where your feeling under equipped. Like things are foreign, the rules have changed. Because you’re in a new place.

I get it. Me too.

Lean in.

Dear Jesus, I need you more now than ever. Lead guide direct, equip me for this off road adventure that is my life. And lord? Don’t let me go off the rails- I trust you with all of this, amen