MOMSense Magazine:

To Be Announced:

  • Essay in a  2010 release – Momology

Connections Magazine: (Available in the MOPS leaders archive)

  • Balancing Act On The Sofa-
  • When She’s not Like Me-
  • We Did it Anyway- website:


  • From Green Guilt to Green, Enough
  • Hard Lessons at The Hard Rock Cafe

Reprints from blog posts are in local MOPS groups’ newsletters all over the US.

I previously wrote for : Laced With Grace -An interdenominational team written, devotional Blog

Christian Woman Online’s original Group Blog (no longer available online)

I’m currently wokring on my first book proposal:  A Mile in Her Shoes: An experiment in finding out what it’s like to be- that “other” mom.

2 Responses to “Places to find me in print”

  1. janejarrell Says:

    Hey Tracey–

    You have a big gap in kids too, we have a three year old and a 14 year old. So I am a MOPS mom, menopausal and mad on occasion. I love your blog, thanks for sharing it with me, and what a good piece on Linchpin, you made me want to go buy it and I have not finished TRIBES. It sounds so much better.

  2. Thnx so Much Jane!

    A sister in the second time mom club… huh?

    You’ll totallt get my next book project-(already outlined)

    “Been There, Done That, Doing it Again- Adventures of a second time mom”

    From breaking the news to the older kids that: yes their parents still have sex- to potty training while drivers training….humor and candor about being a second time mom.

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