“Come on mom, were going to take off my training wheels!” Noah exclaimed, peeking out from under his flame covered- Bakugan bike helmet.

“You mean, now?” I asked. Secretly hoping I’d have time for a tranquilizer, or maybe a few deep breaths before facing yet another inevitable” letting go” moment and milestone of childhood.

“NOW!” He shouted.

“Let me get the video camera” I stalled.

“It figures.” I said, picking up the camera from right where it belonged. (That, never happens.)  Reluctantly, I went outside.

When I saw his Bakugon topped grin, I let go of my insecurity.  “He’s ready.” I said to myself. I could see it in his determined eyes. I made eye contact with my husband.  I didn’t say a word.. but “You better be able to keep up with him.” Was none the less, clearly communicated.

He did.

Like all kids learning to ride, Noah wobbled. He teetered.  He pedaled like mad.

My heart swelled.  HE DID IT! (and he was ok! Whew.)

As Noah made another pass along the sidewalk, my college son came driving up with lunch.

The reality hit me. If I blink, the one driving up with lunch, will be Noah.

Today, I’m working to savor the time I have with my boys.

Today, it’s training wheels.. tomorrow?  Drivers Ed.