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Wouldn’t working  from home be the perfect answer for moms?  You can do it all, right?  Be there for your kids, bring in extra income and fulfill the unique call on your life- all at the same time, right?

This week- I’ll be living the work from home dream… or nightmare.

In full disclosure- I’ve actually been a work from home mom for years- I just don’t get a paycheck.:)

Questions for Work From Home Moms:

  1. What challenges do you face as a Work from home mom?
  2. What do you love about working from home?
  3. What common misconceptions have you run into about work from home moms?
  4. What  sacrifices do you have to make to manage working from home?

Here’s your shot. I need your help with my book project: Mommy Myth Busting. (working title- could change)

I’m collecting quotes from Moms about what it’s really like being YOU. What ever amazing unique kind of mom you are.

So tell me all about it!

Here is what I’m looking for:

1) What kind of mom are you? (Mommy-type- working mom, wahm, sahm, soccermom, hockey, of different culture, crunchie granola type mom, homeschool, public school, private school, young mom, old (er) mom, alternative mom, tatted mom, mom of multiples, lg family mom, small family mom, You tell me what kind of mom you are.  (Don’t like the list?  YOU tell me.  Please don’t feel you have limit yourself to ONE type, few of us are that narrow. Give me a list  you identify with. :)

If you want to take a few extra minutes- take this poll to help get you thinking:

2) What do you think people think it’s like to be your type of mom? What is it REALLY like?

3) Do you sometimes feel judged by other moms? What types of experiences have made you feel this way?

Your options:
You can post your replies here. (If you don’t mind them being public)
You can message me on Facebook.
You can leave a comment on my blog. (
You can email them to me:

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*** Disclaimer- please understand this is a project in process. I do not yet have a contract for this project. However- if you share something it may be used in the creation/planning or content.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Oh here I’ll go first:

I’m a white suburban, sahm, who also wahm , old mom who used to be a young mom, I have a 20 yr old, 17 yr old and 7 yr old. I’m 42. Currently public schooling, formerly homeschooling and private schooling type mom.

I’ve felt judged for being SAHM, and my schooling choices.

What’s it really like? You can read the blog- its all there:P
now- go it’s your turn!

Tell me all about it!