“They are not practical. They are probably not comfortable. I may not be able to walk in them. They are not in my budget. I don’t have anywhere to wear them.“ I tried to talk myself out of them. I wasn’t very convincing.

I wanted them anyway.

It was love at first sight.

They had 4” satin covered stiletto heels. Their instep was crisscrossed by dainty- braided, bronze- leather straps. When I slipped them on my feet, I felt like a goddess. I was Cinderella ready for the ball, even though I was actually wearing mom-jeans and pushing a stroller. They were my size! It was meant to be.

They were even on clearance…but not quite marked down far enough.

I visited them weekly, like a loved one in jail. I daydreamed about the day we’d be united. I nervously watched as they were marked down each week, and I gambled on whether they’d be sold (there was only one pair) before I could save up enough.

Yes, they were shoes. But not just any shoes…they were “those” shoes….. (more…)