the wedding day

the wedding day

Eyes welling with tears, I could barely read. My voice gained and subsequently: lost control.  I tried to maintain composure. I mostly- lost.

Sure-this was partly due to the emotion I felt, at seeing “my girl” (albeit my girl shared most lovingly with her parents) all grown up and getting married. But, there was something else.   As I read the words as a blessing and exhortation for their marriage and carried them in my heart throughout that day… I also saw them come to life before me. The Bride of Christ.  Something, I could not wrap my brain around,  I witnessed.

I saw a bride, glowing with joy, brilliant in spotless white, eyes radiating love for her bridegroom and her guests.  I felt the sense of awe that guests felt,  when seeing her adorned for and adored by, her bridegroom. These were things I’ve experienced at weddings before. These were things I expected and things I understood. Or thought I had.

What I did not expect, was the beautiful bride- immaculately dressed- stooping to hug children, a bride who’s veil became a tent and a bee-keepers netting, during her fairytale carriage ride. I saw a bride not too concerned with her appearance to be touched and hugged and joked with and danced with…even if it meant a few fingerprints, popped stitches of bustling and stains were left behind.   I saw a bride that drew people to her- instead of holding them afar to keep herself “clean.” I saw a bridegroom who appreciated her love for people, and delighted in it.

The few stains left behind were removed in an instant with a trusty Tide-to-go-pen-(well- except maybe where her white satin heels dug into the dirt!) But the memories of a flower girl meeting a princess come to life? Memories of family and friends feeling loved enough to be touched, teased and played with even on this special day?  They will last a lifetime, maybe even beyond.

This weekend-  I got a glimpse of what Jesus must have been like… someone who glowed with love and joy and purity- yet cared more about people than appearance. Someone holy and loving and touching and caring all at the same time.

I wonder what the world would be like— if we lived that way- everyday, wherever we are?

I think I could handle that.

Repost from Oct 08

Gumbys MOPS Convention Trip

Gumby's MOPS Convention Trip

For the record, I technically, did not steal Gumby. I may have suggested that he was within reach and unattended.. but I myself did not steal Gumby.

However- I did have fun living vicariously through Gumby during my rare down time during MOPS International Convention. (It’s NOT all work.. there is a lot of PLAY)

Gumby was a busy little guy.  He met many field leaders and MOPS moms. (Strangely enough, most field leaders refused to allow their faces to be shown in pictures.)

Gumby met a beautiful bride and handsome groom.  Gumby relaxed in the hotel lobby near the fireplace. Gumby met a steer.  (He also climbed on the fence around the steer that was clearly labeled “DO NOT CLIMB OR STAND ON THIS FENCE) Apparently Gumby is a rebel. Gumby found a train that was irresistible, he had to ride it, and even found a little house that was JUST his size!

Gumby brought out my jealous side- by going to the spa.  He had a hot tub, a massage, and a makeover. I wanted to pinch that little guy when he kept eating cheesecake and carrot cake without blowing up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I would have gained a pants size, maybe 2!

Gumby also bought a cowbell and stuffed it into my suitcase for my youngest son.  I can assure you- waking up to a cowbell rung 3 inches from your left ear is NOT a pleasant experience.  Gumby kept asking what SDWSC meant.. now he knows. Gumby watched the season kick off of Pushing Daisies.. I missed it.  Gumby was touched by Erwin McManus’ new book “Wide Awake” as was I.   That little bugger even stole my wedding ring to wear as a crown…cause he was feeling like a prince for a day! No worries- I got it back, I’m bigger than Gumby. Oh and Gumby wants the world to know- Texan BBQ?  ROCKS.

Finally- Gumby was hand delivered to his caretaker and bestfriend, by a Gaylord Resort Staff member (who got a very nice tip, I might add)at which point, I might have been rolling on the hallway floor, laughing so hard, that the pictures from his safe return are blurred.

I’m still working to get caught up form the trip- but I just have to say- if you ever get a chance to attend MOPS Convention.. you should go.. you just never know what fun is in store! (especially if you make some of your own:P)

No Gumbys or Field Leaders were harmed in the taking of these pictures.  Also- Due to confidentiality- I cannot disclose who else was involved in the Gumby disturbance- suffice to say, I was not alone.