kauniThe weather has been YUK… Everyone here has been sick.  Even the dog is sick of winter and she LOVES the snow.  I’ve tried brighter light bulbs, looking at beach pic’s (which just make me miss the beach) and denial.  But-nothing is working.  Like it or not-  it’s here-(and it’s grey)  the Winter doldrums.  DUM DUM DUM. 

What’s a girl to do?  Well- A vacation in a sunny spot would be nice…. but with pending college costs and thread-bare furniture… that just isn’t a priority right now… so- instead- a little alternative medicine:

The Kauni Cure.   I ordered 4 balls of Kauni Yarn from Little Knits. It arrived and I’ve been winding it and playing with swatching.  My plan is to knit the “Autumn Cardigan” Designed by Ruth Sorensen.   Since I was once asked by a teen girl whether I was “goth” because I wear so much black…. it is safe to say these colors are a streeeeeeetch for me.  But- at this time of the year- a little drastic color therapy is necessary.  The Kauni is a true Shetland style wool.  Very sheepy (read has bits of grass etc) and well not the softest thing ever, although I understand it softens up quite a bit after a nice long soak.  This project is all about color- so we’ll forgive the feel for now. (more…)

Stick a fork in Spidey- He’s done!we call him spidey hat finished

we call him spidey hat I always think I can’t do new things… until I try.  For as long as I’ve been knitting- I’ve avoided colorwork. As in- run from it like it’s on fire… avoidance.

 Then, I found this hat pattern.   Too perfect for my little guys Christmas .  I had to at least TRY.

Now- I’ve less than 10 rows to finish the colorwork. And- I’m still in shock.  I can do this! It’s no where near as hard as I’d thought it would be.  Sure- it’s slower than straight knitting , but no more so than lace.

I have to say- one of the things I like about knitting- is facing a challenge- and conquering it.  Often-one challenge leads to another.  Next up for me?  The hat is too long- (actually an adult size pattern.  So, I’m faced with a big challenge.  To rip it all out- and start again… or- to CUT through some of that knitting at the bottom, pick up stitches around the brim.. and knit back down. (more…)