Stick a fork in Spidey- He’s done!we call him spidey hat finished

unoriginal hats My I present the first set of “Unoriginal Hats”

In my artistic series- titled “unoriginal hats for all.”

 Sounds so much better than admitting to my OCD tendancies are once again running free… but count them- 6 hats done! (bring on the Christmas knits!)

Clockwise from the top- Malabrigo Chunky in Olive for my middle son. (US size 10.5)

 Malabrigo Worsted held doubled for my niece. (US 10.5)

Berroco Ultra alpaca haled doubled for hubby.

Paton’s classic merino camoflage for my oldest. (size 11 he has a pumpkin sized head;)

Jaeger Natural fleece- for my FIL- us 11 should have gone down a size on this one.

And Lion brand chenille- size 11 should have gone down a size here too.

More hats in the queue- Malabrigo chunky in teal for my step dad….etc….these are quick and simple- but cute- sorry no one would model for me– and well- I look like a dork in hat;) (hair too short- none sitcks out- makes me look bald;)  which would be fine if I WERE bald… but I’m not and I have too much invested in hair dye to not let it be seen;) 

Can you do me a favor- I have a few friends (a bunch actually) with health issues that could use  prayer — a young woman, a new mom, a dad, a pastor.. my SIL and well my hubby too— seems like when it hist the fan— it really hits the fan and spreads.  thnx

 ps the boy’s face is still healing- looks like he’s a foot ball player now- down to dark marks under his eyes a aross his nose…. what a month!