images“Does anyone have a religious problem with sitting in judgement?”  I’m pretty sure the Judge thought it was a simple question. For me- it wasn’t. Granted- I tend to over think things. But when posed the question… I really had to ask myself: “Do I have a religious problem with sitting in judgment?”

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I strive to overcome bigotries small and large.  I am passionate about grace. (Mostly because I’m so thankful God is gracious to me. I need it. A lot.) I am constantly writing about, thinking about and challenging Christians for being judgmental. Mostly: myself.

But Wednesday- was different. A new experience for me: Jury duty.

For which I thought I had a “get out of jury duty free card” hanging around my neck. (Neck brace- due to failed cervical fusion. Not my most fashionable accessory- but it keeps my head from falling off… so yeah. it works.) Still. I was chosen.

Wednesday my name was: Juror #12.

Which is when that prickly question was posed: “Does anyone have a religious problem with sitting in judgement?”

The question followed a series questions like:

  • Does anyone have strong feeling about guns that may influence your judgement in this case?
  • Does anyone know the defendant, or anyone being called to testify?
  • Does anyone have a medical or other cause that would affect your ability to to sit in judgement? (Yes- I got called out on this one- to which I answered: Well. I’ll be uncomfortable… but I’m always uncomfortable. I should be fine.)

I hesitated to answer the religious problem question. What the judge was actually asking was: Does anyone have a religious problem with sitting in LEGAL judgement on this trial?

Which, I don’t have. Because: (more…)