MBGKAs discussed prior- clothes shopping can be pure torture.  There are few things that make me feel more lumpy, bumpy and ugly than trying on clothes that I love, only to have them NOT FIT.  It drives me straight to the shoe racks, I’m telling you.   Worse than the shoe rack- it’s driven me to want to be invisible.  At least in print.  I don’t let my picture be taken unless I’m making an obnoxious face- or hiding behind whatever creative cover I can find. Preferably- I hide behind the camera lens.  I take pictures-(partly)  so I don’t have to be in them.

Today- that was my plan, as per the norm.  Jillian had asked me to “model” for a few pics for Ravelry— I offered to bring my camera and TAKE pictures.  (ummm yeah I was chickening out;) However- something amazing happened when I walked into Threadbear. (well- something else amazing- after the scent of cup cakes and yumtastic yarn released me from their grip.) First- Amy and Jillian- the rockstars themselves- not only immediately made me feel welcome- but happily expected.  (HELLO? They are rockstars! That totally made my day they are both gracious, warm and fun- the trifecta of awesomeness!) cuppy cakes

The best part? I watched them do the same, for every knitter they met. 

Then- I came face to face with “The Rack”.  The rack contained most of the samples from the book.  It was like an electro-magnet. I couldn’t help myself- In the middle of the shop- I stripped off my “protective” layer Zebra print sweater (no worries I was decent in a cami underneath) and proceeded to try on EVERYTHING they brought.  Yes- even things I thought I didn’t like. Yes- even things that aren’t “technically” designed for my particular “b” set. ( I’m a b ** bs and b **ty kind of girl;)

For the first time in my life- people were looking at me- and gasping.  (No lie- they did) Because so many things just plain looked amazing.  (Just a note- that is not a sentence I ever imagined writing;) I was thrilled- instead of trying on garment after garment and feeling worse and worse— everything did something to make me feel pretty.  WOW.  The rockstars- and their designs- made me feel like a rockstar!  Instead of hiding behind the camera- I let people take pic’s.  Instead of hiding in a change room so no one could see if something flopped and made me look awful no one could see… I felt like prancing around the room to show off my curves- in each design.  (OK- so maybe I didn’t just feel like prancing- I’m pretty sure I did;)

I walked into Threadbear feeling like a lumpy-fat (somewhat hairy-as I didn’t need to shave mah legs – no skirts in this book;)   albeit acceptably cute, caterpillar- but I left feeling like a butterfly.  I was not alone.  Over and over- I watched faces light up- as woman after woman felt her body skimmed to perfection.  Butterflies (and hot lookin “B’s”) were popping out all over.  Women used to being invisible, felt beautiful.  They showed their “stuff”… A few tears of thanks were shed.  It was fabulous.

It didn’t take long for the butterflies to become a community. (do butterflies do that? I think they do- these ones sure did!)  Knitters volunteered as personal shoppers- offering suggestions for what to knit first and what yarn to use and what was on sale;)   Colors were voted on-(and down.)  Compliments were everywhere. (Jillian likes mah butt. Thnx Jillian:) Suggestions for design changes were made.  The place was alive with creativity and laughter.  It was contagious, something I don’t mind catching – even at the tail end of flu season;)   Ravelry acted like a virtual switchboard.  Knitters made connections instantly, because so many had already “met” online.  “Hey!  you’re ________ on Ravelry! I know you!  Was heard all afternoon- most often followed with a hug and knitterly touching of the handknits. (Hey Kat– love you girl)

the girls

There was knitting, laughter, beauty, friends, rockstars who aren’t jerks….could a girl ask for more? No- but she got it anyways— there were cupcakes ‘n cake ‘n a SALE.  Whew… I’m verclempt.  

THANKS,  Threadbear– you rocked our socks off;)

Enough of the mush- here’s the Pattern review:

Susie Hoodie- Was everything I hoped it would be.  I will make this sweater.  It does things for a girls butt that just has to be seen to be believed. (Dreaming of making this in Dream in Color Classy- In vino Veritas)

Boo, Too- Totally something I thought I’d hate.  Looked sooo cute– (yes- even on me;)

Slipstream- Yep wonderful.

Mirage- we decided collectively this is a magic sweater- looked great on EVERY single peson who tried it.

Modular Spiral- It was voted as the sweater I must start today;) See pic. Ignore the “Belly” label on this one. It was b ** btastic!  (Amy and Jillian Made me swatch. Yes- I’m swatching- I love it that much) ALSO- someone must totally make this- with little skulls instead of the swirls)

swatchin it

Hot Cocoa- another- one that looked fab on everyone who tried it.  It just FEELS good on- and looks great. (double bonus in my book)

PeaPod Aran- Not for me.  However- It was spectacular on Kat- and most everyone who tried it.  There is something about the back that is just perfect….

Cable Love- Aptly named- and again a sweater that worked for everyone who tried it- regardless of their particular “b’s”

Folly II- Just plain cute.  Loads of ideas were tossed around to make it work for everyone who wants to knit it. 

Twisted-  It’s spectacular- I’m going to make it with a deeper V.  Definitely worth the cover- it’t gorgeous.

No-gap Wrap-  Perfect.  Watch the Ravelry projects- these are going to be popping up all over. Looked great on everyone who tried it.

Pastille- Wow.  The princess lines really rocked the “b’s.” I will be making one in higher contrast jewel tones (can’t wear pastels- and don’t like them) – and want to create a sweetheart neckline in place of the square one…. personalized for mah “b’s”;).

Guatemalan- This one did not look good on me.  (Which is fine cause it’s not mah style anyways;)

Summer Chevron- This one I thought I’d love- but didn’t so much.  Cute- but compared to some of the others- it was pushed lower in my “must make” list.

Orange Smoothie- Fabulous. Am thinking about adapting it into a dress (no worries I’ll wear it over a slip dress;) Looked great on everyone.

Goddess Shawl.  WOW.  alpaca/silk..beads.  Yep- LOVE it.  Made everyone hold their head up like royalty.  That’s gotta be a good thing.

Perfection- Everyone needs one. ’nuff said.

Big Clutch- just cute.  I’d stick a coordinating vintage pin or flower on it— but then I’m an over the top kind a girl.

Amy- Jilllian- Boys at Threadbear and every knitter who was there— thnx– you made a grown girl cry.  (The good one- no worries;) You brought me out from behind the lens, and into the pics.  (so post em already- cause I don’t have any!) You made me feel like a butterfly- instead of a roly poly bug.

*****Don’t forget to enter the contest.  (Leave a comment or PM me on Ravelry- TraceyinMichigan) The prize?  Yep- the best knitting book evah- More Big Girl Knits.

PPS- Crap.  I Have NO pics of Amy and Jillian, AND I forgot to have them sign my book…. What a dork. Sheesh.  Double crap- I forgot to pick up Curvy Knits— The cover sweater MUST be mine…..in purple maybe???? YUM