we call him spidey hat I always think I can’t do new things… until I try.  For as long as I’ve been knitting- I’ve avoided colorwork. As in- run from it like it’s on fire… avoidance.

 Then, I found this hat pattern.   Too perfect for my little guys Christmas .  I had to at least TRY.

Now- I’ve less than 10 rows to finish the colorwork. And- I’m still in shock.  I can do this! It’s no where near as hard as I’d thought it would be.  Sure- it’s slower than straight knitting , but no more so than lace.

I have to say- one of the things I like about knitting- is facing a challenge- and conquering it.  Often-one challenge leads to another.  Next up for me?  The hat is too long- (actually an adult size pattern.  So, I’m faced with a big challenge.  To rip it all out- and start again… or- to CUT through some of that knitting at the bottom, pick up stitches around the brim.. and knit back down. (more…)