snap peas



Sugar Snap Peas- locally grown and yummy as is… half a flat of them… and not a clue what to do with them!  Today- I’ll clean and freeze them. 


The peas are photo’d in another farm market acquisition… a hand made white oak bowl made from a tree lost to the storms that hit earlier this summer. It was too pretty to pass by.

The Farm Market on Sunday afternoons has quickly become a beloved family outing. This week-  there were snap peas and the very last,  of the best strawberries- I’ve ever tasted. 

I bought an entire flat of berries.  berriesOver 8 quarts. That’s a lot of berries!  Pretty, red berries- so fresh there are still stems attached and bits of the straw that’s used to keep down the weeds between rows as a farm market- “bonus with purchase” ;)

The berries will be enjoyed in loads of recipes- the favorite of which is with just enough sugar to bring out the juice.

Our adventure in slow eating has resulted in some interesting discoveries.  This week- while munching on berries- the oldest boy  proclaimed them to actually taste like “strawberry flavoring”.  

That,  is sad- as- the berries we typically get at the supermarket are reminiscent of berries— but lack the full flavor-they taste more like lightly strawberry flavored, sponge. 

By purchasing fruit out of season- and flown in from all over the world… we’ve been missing out on how good, it can really taste.  I’ll be missing the fresh berries after this week… but will look forward to them all the more, next summer.

week in reviewI’ll be posting a review of my new wheel tomorrow-A Louet Victoria- for travel- camping outdoor spinning and classes.   I was lucky enough to get the very first wheel sold from The Loopy Ewe. Sheri is amazing- and will “officially” start carrying wheels later this summer.   

The Loopy Ewe’s Frequent buyer program even applies to wheel purchases!  Besides her customer service cannot be beat.  I can’t recommend The Loopy Ewe highly enough. 

If you are leary about online purchasing- and don’t have a local shop that can suit your needs- Go ahead- order from the Loopy Ewe- you won’t be disappointed.

I am thrilled with both the wheel and the purchasing experience!

Tomorrow- wheely specific details:)