Tiring.  That’s what it’s like. I was up at 5:15 to get the high-schooler out the door, and allow time for the caffeine to kick in before waking up the youngest. (A necessity. Must have caffeine, to deal with Noah.)  This is a pretty standard morning for me, when my husband travels. (Which he does, regularly. Gone 3-5 days a week is pretty typical.) Not much change there.

However- I’m not usually out the dressed, out the door and arriving anywhere by 10:00 a.m. I’m more likely: checking my email, running the  dishwasher and a load of laundry while still in my jammies, at 10:00 a.m.

Interesting things I’ve noticed on Day One:

1) As a Working mom time is as much a pressure as the demands/needs of my children. I yelled this more than a few times this morning:

“Hurry up Noah, you have to make the bus, I don’t have time to drive you to school!” Typically I’d be more relaxed about time. I can drive him if he misses the bus.

2) As a Working Mom, my cell phone chime holds a whole different meaning.  At home,  I usually assume it’s my husband, or some random text.  At work, I was afraid it was the school with an emergency.

3) Prioritizing became paramount as I headed off to work this morning. I could not do everything.  Some things didn’t get done.  There is a load of clean laundry unfolded in my bedroom.  I ran out of time. (Hopefully, I’ll remember to fold it and put it away before the bad cat decides to make it “her own.” ) I did however get dinner into the crock-pot so we will have food. ;)

4) As a working mom, I have to trust my kids more with their responsibilities, instead of my standard “reminding” (read: nagging) Such as, I had arranged for my college boy to pick up the youngest at the bus.  I had to trust that he would. He’s a responsible kid, but I’m used to reminding him.   I also had to trust that they wouldn’t kill each other in the process.

5) As a working mom I would have to make some pretty drastic changes to the way tasks are accomplished at home. Divide and conquer comes to mind…

It would need to be divided.. or I would be conquered.  For sure.

So, how was my first day as a working mom?  Good. Busy. Not exactly as fun or chatty as I would have thought. But it was nice to be around other adults for a change.  I did get to wear pants, which was nice.  But, I missed my slippers and am looking forward to taking off my bra. (The novelty of wearing heels, wore off pretty fast and a real bra to contain the girls is just not exactly comfortable. I’d rather wear my comfy but not safe for work, at home sports bra, thank you very much. )

Was it fulfilling? Well, I’m not exactly passionate about paperwork. (Well, I passionately HATE paperwork, does that count?) I am also afraid of the IRS in general (we were organizing paperwork for an upcoming audit) so I wouldn’t exactly call it fulfilling.

More like: scary (ish) boring and time filling.

The ride to work..well… after much debate, I had my husband leave my truck at the airport and I have his car for the week. Unfortunately, I woke up to 2 inches of snow.  Massive vehicle choice fail.  Let’s just say driving his car in the snow, is a little more like a high-speed ice derby, than I prefer. (Especially when I’m trying to get to work on time!)

*There were no unicorns and the only poop I saw was not in rainbow form.  (Can’t people clean up after their dogs? Like my people? Just sayin.)

(*see yesterdays related daydreaming of work, post)

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s like… I will have a different “boss” tomorrow… and college boy has classes so we’ll have to come up with a different game plan for the afternoon shuffle….

See you then!