book jacketI just finished Body of Work, by Christine Montross. 

The writing is fluent, full of both emotion and fact.  (Something usually hard to balance.) It details a med-student’s experience with her “assigned donor cadaver”  in the anatomy lab.  I found it offered great insight into the “making of a doctor.”

The book delves into the history of scientific exploration of the body, as well as into our cultures experiences and perspectives on death, and the body, in general.   It is quite descriptive, so the squeamish may struggle through this one.. However- as I admit I pass out over injections and need to be medicated for dental visits…the writing style keep me from losing it.  A wonderful, insightful read that was intriguing and well done.   

I look forward to reading more of Christine Montross’ writing.  

– the small print disclaimer:  this book is not written from a Christian perspective… but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some spiritual meaning to me;)

Now-for something entirely different- another review:  (we go from one extreme to another here…)

Veggie Tales new movie:  The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything


 I will preface this by saying:

 We love Veggie Tales.

Noah and Dad set out to see this movie on a “daddy date”.  Noah left the theater 3 times during the movie- “cause he was scared.”  He came back in because he ” loves Veggie Tales and wanted to see the new movie”.

Noah’s review of the new movie was this:  “I never thought Id be scared of a Veggie Tales Movie.” Shaking his head in disbelief.  There were scenes in the movie that may not bother some little guys- but bothered mine.  (The cheeto’s that turned into toothy worms, and sword stabbing’s in particular, did him in) My DH didn’t find anything objectionable about the movie- but found it a little more “intense” than what we’ve come to expect from Veggie Tales. (I replied it was a Pirate Movie…. so some pirating was to be expected…) I suppose my guys just assumed Veggie Tales could do Pirates without scariness.

I’d still recommend this one- as it may not bother other kiddo’s- but if your’s are very sensitive this one may not be for you.  (Although, my guy watches the generally accepted age- appropriate cartoons and likes fighting and bad guys getting busted as much as the next guy- so I was surprised by his strong reaction to this.)   There is so little decent media content ,that I want every movie that’s appropriate for young ones to be well attended.  and make the $ that will assure future clean movies… but- as a Mom- I also want to offer you a caution:

Where Pirates abound, some fear, could be found;) Arrrg. 


 Working on:

Mittens but currently madly finishing a pair of my hubby’s favorite slippers  (his do not have fun fur trim:) for Valentines day… better get back to work….. can’t give them to him soggy wet from felting… (well- I CAN and I may if I have too!  and he’ll love them and me, anyways!… or rue the day he asked for more slippies!)