Surprise!  Actual knitting content!  Have been working on a few small projects between bursts of pre-holiday cleaning and homeschool work.     005Here’s a finished “Springtime in philadelphia beret” (PDF link) A free pattern from Zeitgeist yarns.  It’s knit in Noro Silk Garden Sock from The Loopy Ewe.  I used US 0 and 1’s to get some semblance of gauge.   (I have gauge issues) I love what the noro did with this pattern- very snowflake like:)

Snowflake like seems to be appropriate- as Michigan keeps trying to SNOW.

Hello- global warming?  I think not.

More soon- I’m working, working, working!




I’ve been knitting a giftie.. for an online pal.  Shhh!  It’s finished and should be arriving today:) It’s a variation on the “Simple Yet Effective Shawl”, from Cosmicpluto.  ( a rather amazing designer:)

The Details:

Noro Silk Garden sock (about 1 1/2 balls) from the Loopy Ewe   In colorway S269 (the silk garden sock is softer than the noro sock- but still not my favorite yarn. 

US size 4s.  Addi Lace needles.

My changes: 

Changed the number of rows per section. 

I knit till I got tired of knitting on it- it’s larger than the original.  (I didn’t measure- and it’s already on it’s waty to it’s new home)

I didn’t bother changing balls of yarn- just knit a single colorway.