Photo on 7-16-13 at 8.51 AM“Oh….. I heal up fast. I’ll be fine in two weeks.”

Maybe, not.

I can however- dress myself and shower without a spotter in the other room in case of passing out or falling down. (This is good.) I can also: wipe the bathroom mirrors and counter tops if I’m really careful. The Swiffer is my friend (weighs nothing) but…. I need someone else to clean up the dust piles it leaves behind…. (Either- the commercial lies… or- our 2 cats 2 dogs and 5 people’s worth of mess is more than the poor little swiffer can handle.  I still can’t: vacuum, mop, do laundry, cooking is iffy, and actually cleaning toilets is kind of out of the question right now.

Post surgical rules: No bending, twisting or lifting… more than 5 lbs. People. My bible weighs 5 lbs or something….and my purse? Oy had to clear it out. Now: I feel totally un-prepared. I just hope the zombies don’t show up until I/m healed… I’m NOT apocalypse ready.

I have made it out of the house a few times. Once was for my nieces wedding shower… and then on Sunday we actually went to church and dinner!. ;)  Go me1

Every time someone comes over… Or I go somewhere.. I make sure I’m cleaned up and looking like “myself.”  (Well- except last night when a friend brought dinner and I was drooly sleeping in the recliner when she arrived…. oopsy.)

Honestly? For most of the pics I’ve posted, I made sure I’m as “together” as one can be when you can’t: bend twist or lift……Not to mention: lean forward to see how your applying makeup- or pluck the loverly strays that start arriving after 40…..(Bonus- the neck brace covers my chin… :P What you can’t see, won’t harm you.)

So- today I thought I’d post a real “How are you feeling pic”  This is it. I’m about as comfortable as I look. I wear the brace most of the time. (off to bathe and eat…. and for a few breaks during the day when i’m just lying back in the recliner.) Last night was a bad night. No real reason why…… it just: hurt. Lots of spasming.

Hopefully, today will be better.

I have to be honest….. (more…)