1. The same boys who put WORMS in my refrigerator, (tucked into the back, and then forgotten) will find bras hanging to dry in the laundry room, disgusting.
  2. Boys know what mold tastes like. (I don’t want to know, how.)
  3. Boys think underwear is reversible for extended wear.
  4. To boys-socks that are “crunchy” but sitting on the table, are not dirty, they are being “aired out” and will be ready to wear by tomorrow morning.
  5. Boys that are the size of men, may be thrown into a pool. However, they will hurt their fathers later, for doing it. (The father won’t admit to being injured, but he will be.)
  6. Boys eat things after they’ve been on the floor… while mumbling something about a 20 second rule.
  7. For boys, punching actually can solve problems.
  8. Boys think that food is anything you can put in your mouth.
  9. For boys, clean has nothing to do with an absense of dirt. Clean has everything to do with reaching a limit of desired effort. (“It’s clean- cause I’m done cleaning it.”)
  10. Boys know they are not supposed to take glasses of “stuff” into their rooms.  However,they are compelled to use their “space” for experimentation.  Home penicillum production, is a favorite. It’s genetic.
  11. Boys believe that creating disgusting smells  should be an olympic sport.
  12. Boys may be tempted to write “can belch the alphabet” on their first job application, under “skills.”
  13. Boys think one pair of shorts a pair of underwear and 2 shirts is enough to pack for a weeks vacation. They don’t need socks, they’ll be barefoot. Need something to sleep in? That’s what the extra underwear are for.
  14. Boys use the area under their bed, for composting.
  15. Boys throw rocks, so do young men. and old men. They also skip rocks. They also try to BREAK rocks by throwing smaller rocks at big rocks. Don’t bother trying to understand. It’s just a fact. They must do it.
  16. Boys can remember every statistic for every player of every sport, but they will forget what you told them to do, as you are saying it.
  17. Boys do not know what they want, when going “back to school shopping.” However they do know what they do not want. Which is:  whatever Mom picks out.
  18. Boys will always laugh when someone passes gas.
  19. Boys will always laugh, when someone passes gas.
  20. Unless it’s Mom, then it’s “Disgusting”

Re-print- because 6 more weeks of winter requires giggles to survive….

I love my boys. I don’t understand them, but, I love ’em.

Words will be coming soon about my convention experience for now- a photo that sums it up:

not alone

not alone

from egg to first flight..

from egg to first flight..

empty nest

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While things have been a bit quiet on the blog– it’s been busy here.   I have been doing a lot of writing planning and submitting articles.  Which kind of  feels like being on a rollercoaster.. an acceptance for publication is the top of the hill.. a rejection is the bottom dropping out before a safe landing.  Somedays I’m white knuckled and scared to death, others I feel the wind in my face and the speed thrills my heart.  It’s all part of the ride, some parts are just more fun than others.


A week or so ago- the new “Connections  Magazine” arrived…with an article in it by: (drumroll, please) ME!  That was a top of the hill kind of day.  I cried happy tears and celebrated with my family.   It’s one thing to have an email response saying an article’s been accepted, and another to finally see it in print.  For me?  It’s a dream come true, I’ve wanted to write, since I began my love affair with books, in elementary school.

This week has been a mixed bag on the writing front.. I’ve been sick- and while cold meds may be inspirational for science fiction- aren’t so much for my genre. (Whatever that may be!) I’ve been more or less working on organizing my notes and ideas for projects in process.  I had one article rejected- and another accepted for web-publication.  (WHEE! The rollercoaster takes a dip and a climb all in the same day!) I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up!  (Hint:  it will be on the MOPS homepage this month!)


I’ve been snapping pics and finding beauty where ever I can… the winter can be bleak and I have to work hard to keep perspective.. the camera helps.

I picked up a beautiful bunch of tulips at the grocery.. totally worth the few dollars for the sheer joy of color. There are more pics on flickr— I’m sure my neighbor’s former suspicions about my sanity were confirmed, when I was caugtht kneeling in the snow with a vase of tulips… but the shots were worth it.. they make me smile!


Between writing projects and homeschool projects- I’m finishing up the fundraiser project yet to be announced but often alluded to:  The Carmen cowl has been knit in several yarns including the Malabrigo worsted version shown here- (in the colorway forest)

and the Tilli Tomas Heaven Silk version shown below:
carmen col



The drama has continued, but for now, the deceased has been raised from the dead- like an electornic Lazarus. It lives. That quiet sound track to my days has been sorely missed, I’m glad its back.  However short lived it may be. (Shh don’t tell Lazarus.. but it’s going to be replaced next week!)

So.. whats new with you?


YUK.  My head feels like an over-stuffed ravioli!


sunset collage 

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leaf in moss

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