our girl SamiThis is our girl Sami- usually I have something ridiculous to say about her. 

Like: she ate my cracker barrel rocker, (well- ok- part of it) or, she licks the boys face as an appetizer to her dog food… or that when confronted that sharing with the dog could lead to germs— Noah responds “She doesn’t mind.”  Ridiculous stuff like that.

 Not tonight.  Tonight, I’m asking for prayers of our girl.  She had a rough evening.  Looks like she has a seizure.  This resulted in my turning into a puddle of crying goo- after trying to do a doggy heimlich maneuver- ’cause I thought she was choking…..then a frantic visit to the emergency clinic. She couldn’t stand- just flopped on my lap (all 30 lbs of her) on her side- and paddled her feet like she was running.  Breathing was “weird.”  Noah said she wasn’t blinking.  Neither was I.  And, I may have been holding my breath- too.  It lasted probably a couple of minutes.  VERY LONG MINUTES.  I think I prayed- I know I cried out Jesus name- asking without much in the way of words -for help.

By the time we located the number of the clinic- and had her leash- she jumped up to go to the door.  “Bye bye” is her favorite place;) I think that’s when I started to breathe better- myself.

The emergency vet said it may never happen again.  (We’re going for what’s behind THAT door- thank you very much) Or- it could start happening more often…. or once in a while.

I don’t remember ever having a pet have a seizure.  It’s a scary thing.  Fortunately, DH was home— but unfortunately so were all the kids.  At one point Noah asked if Sami was dying.  That’s what pushed the tears out of where ever I was holding them in at.

Everything is quiet now. Sami’s sleeping- I’m calm,(er) the kids are fine.  But- if you have a second- we’d appreciate prayers for our girl Sami.  Yeah- she’s a dog- and she’s even sometimes bad— but she’s ours.  And we love her to bits.

Matthew 10:29

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.

Dear Jesus- I know- she’s a dog- but she’s ours- God if you care for sparrows- and count the very hairs of our heads- then I gotta believe you care for our girl Sami- please help and heal her- please help us as we take care of her— and God?  Please help me not turn into a pile of goo- if this happens again… I love you Lord- and am glad that even when all I could do was cry your name- you were there. amen