I paced the aisle of the drug store like a lioness on the prowl. I knew there had to be one here,  somewhere, and I had to find it. NOW. 

I checked the diaper aisle. Nada.

The continence product section…Nope. (BTW there are a LOT of options in there…think the diaper aisle with fewer pandas and super heroes…) The paper goods aisle? Nope.

The medical supply aisle? (Yes, I know. I should have started there… but, I was a little stressed, ok?) My eyes scanned the shelves. SCORE! Right between a toilet seat lift and a brace for a body part I’m not sure should ever be braced….A bright blue box with what looked like a milk jug doing yoga on the side.

I grabbed the box like a lion grabs a zebra, and dropped it just as quickly. Yes. It was a urinal, but it was a FEMALE urinal. (Who knew?) Which would be fine if it were for me, but it’ not. It’s for my husband, who is recovering from a radical prostatectomy due to prostate cancer.

A FEMALE urinal. It’s probably not a good idea to bring a guy who’s just had his man-parts attacked by a robot (literally- he had robotic surgery- which is wonderful and has a much better recovery than the old school- open approach.) and is facing all the complications that that implies… a FEMALE urinal. Everything I’ve read says it’s important to help your man maintain dignity and  not feel “less of a man” because of the surgery and it’s side effects.

I wanted to bring him a urinal so he could navigate the catheter removal and bladder rehab with MORE dignity and ease. I did not want to send a “Well- now you’re a woman- here’s a girlie pee-pot for you.” message. I searched the rest of the shelves. I pushed other “medical supplies” out of the way. I was convinced that if there was a female urinal there MUST be a male urinal……Not so much.

I went to the pharmacy counter. (more…)