I’ll get better at taking and posting videos- But here’s a first! (We know I learn the hard way so cut a mom some tech slack:)

Each MOPS Group is unique, we’re a grass-roots mommy run movement to support every mother- so each group takes on a style and personality of it’s own. So- the group you visit could be entirely differnent- so could the one you START!

(Each speaker is different- too- so don’t be afraid they are all like me:P)

If you’ve never been-to a MOPS Group- this will give you a taste!

If you’d like to find a group near you- visit the MOPS website and enter your zip code to find one- or check out the site for more encouragement and information!

Now on with the show!

The final point was cut off–(cam fail)– click the More button below to see where we ended up:)