carmen cowl

sp pkgSomedays, I just LOVE my Mail person.  Yesterday was one of them.  (Too bad I scared him with the whole swollen eyes and blotchy face thing) No worries- It wasn’t personal.  It was SP 11 package-related.

 I received my reveal package from My SP 11 – Carly!  Inside this pretty package were goodies galore!

the goods

There were 2 gorgeous hanks of Ultra Alpaca- these will be mittens for ME;)   A beautiful skein of Silk from The Natural Dye Studio.  There are also adorable sheeptastic stitch-markers from Sunneshine! 

You can also see in this pic- the reason for Sami’s extreme interest in this package. Newnman’s Own Doggy treats— Sami is a cookie eating Dog after my own heart- ;) She says thank you as well.

cappucino has nip issues

Here, we see what could only be evidence of the addictive nature of catnip.  Cappucino has been sniffing and cuddling and whacking the daylights out of his (No.  He is NOT sharing with Truffles. And, if Sami comes within toy snatching distance- he promptly slaps her in the nose- good thing he’s de-clawed!) new cat nip toy.  ‘Cino meows his thanks, and wonders if you may know of a 12 step program that would include his keeping his nip.

sami sniffs out her treats

             ohhh shiny

stitchmarkers and alpaca closeup


Thanks so much again- to Carly– for being such a  remarkable SP11!