angora bunny CUTENESS

I had to chant: beagle hunt bunnies- and bunnies poop… to avoid stuffing this guy into my bag and bringing him home… soooo cute.

More pics later:)

more pics later

If there is a theme around here, it’s WHILE.

While I Wait.  While I Work, and In a While…. (sidenote- if you type “while” enough it starts to look like you spelled it wrong:). 

We’re still in a waiting period.. but not frozen in mid air.  There is much to do while waiting.  There is coping.. There is working, there is waiting.  For coping– I have prayer- reading, spinning, knitting and people. For working— I have 3 kids 2 cats, a beagle and the Dh.. they are, as always, keeping me busy:)

While I wait:  I am spinning.  I decided I could use my go-knits pouch (from the Loopy Ewe)  to hold my fiber in process- it works GREAT! and snaps right to my wheel for outside spinning and travel and keeping the pets out of the fiber!

Also feeding people- still predominately with slow-foods:

Yesterday the boys spent an hour shelling peanuts, then we made homemade peanut butter!  It was great! 

Very simple- home made peanut butter:

2 cups roasted shelled salted peanuts,  (skins removed)

1/3 cup oil, (peanut- but I used vegetable oil and a little less than 1/3 cup)

1/4 cup sugar.

pulse in food processor until peanut- buttery! store in fridge.

Later this week we’ll be experimenting with peanut butter cups:) YUM. 

As for knitting- I’m working on a pretty pattern from the new “knotions” online magazine.  It’s called the “Oak Leaf socks”  a nice foray into twisted stitches, for me.  I’m learning a lot and should improve by the time I am ready for the second sock! (assuming there is  to be a second sock:)

The sock blocker is from the loopy ewe– just in case anyone is curious:) The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Blackberry.

I’m knitting them on US size 1, Knitpick Harmony DPN.s

So thats what I’m doing—- WHILING away the summer—- While I wait.. While I work and in a while…

How bout you?

A few weeks back…I did a little (OK, A LOT) of destashing. (Selling collected yarn yummies, on-line.)  This was a dual purpose destash- to make money for a new mixer… and to replace the travel wheel I sold over Christmas.

Louet came out with a folding wheel that looked about perfect. The Victoria. I contacted my most very favorite on-line retailer- Sheri- at The Loopy Ewe to see when she’d be getting wheels in… because I wanted to wait and purchase from her….

Sheri let me know- she “just so happened” to have ONE in the shop, that hand’t ever been used.  I told her if Loopy (the shop mascot) would put his little hooves on it– I’d love to take it!  A couple of days later- along with my ship confirmation- I recieved this pic> via e-mail.

Sheri cracks me up.  She has by far the most incredible customer service I’ve found in an online retailer.  She is trustworthy and integrous. She’s also fun, and  a doll. ;)

My wheel arrived quickly and well packed. I was thrilled that the Loopy Ewe’s “frequent shopper benefits” program applies to wheel purchases. This made the bottom line price (after subtracting what I’d earned in credits) the best by far for a Victoria.

The wheel went together in five minutes and I was spinning in 10. (I am not a new spinner- so please take that into account.. it’s wonderful but not a magical wheel ;) – you will need to know/learn the spinning basics to expect the same;)


The wheel stats: Louet Victoria

Weight- without the included bag- 6 lbs. (with bag it is carry-on perfect)

Ratio’s – 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:13

(optional high speed set available= 1:19)

Scotch Tension

(Available in:  oak  (I have oak) and beech finishes/ wood choices.

My opinion:

The wheel is solid and spins beautifully.  It’s easy and fast to take down and put together.  Last week- I took the wheel on a camping vacation with me- and it was PERFECT.  I spun campside- and it was a dream to use.

I just slipped a camper rug under the treadles to protect it a bit:)  Even on the slightly uneven surface- The Victoria spun like a dream….

I also have a Majacraft Rose- a beautiful wheel but not really as “travel” friendly as I’d hoped. The Majacraft spins a bit smoother, which is to be expected, as it is considerably heavier and not foldable like the Victoria. 

My previous travel wheel was an Ashford Joy- which I loved.  I think this one spins a bit smoother. Both are excellent travel wheels- and I highly recommend either one.

The bottom line?  You cannot beat the purchase experience at The Loopy Ewe!   Wheels will be arriving at the Ewe shortly–(watch Sheri’s blog and the shop for news) I highly suggest saving up (or destashing) for YOUR new wheel asap!

I know that large $ online purchases can be scary- but you can most assuredly trust Sheri and Loopy!  

The best thing about The Loopy Ewe shopping experience?  EVERY order is treated with the same customer care- regardless of the order’s size- whether I’ve ordered one skein of amazing sock yarn…or a wheel;) (PS shhh there is even a sweet treat included with each order and a hand written note!)

And as for the Loopy Groupy Bonus’s and Frequent  Shopper benefits… let’s just say- you WANT these extra treats!)

(and before you ask…NO.. I’m not on The Loopy Ewe payroll:)

Also- today is my day to post a devotional over at Laced With Grace…. It’s titled “plug your nose and JUMP!”


snap peas



Sugar Snap Peas- locally grown and yummy as is… half a flat of them… and not a clue what to do with them!  Today- I’ll clean and freeze them. 


The peas are photo’d in another farm market acquisition… a hand made white oak bowl made from a tree lost to the storms that hit earlier this summer. It was too pretty to pass by.

The Farm Market on Sunday afternoons has quickly become a beloved family outing. This week-  there were snap peas and the very last,  of the best strawberries- I’ve ever tasted. 

I bought an entire flat of berries.  berriesOver 8 quarts. That’s a lot of berries!  Pretty, red berries- so fresh there are still stems attached and bits of the straw that’s used to keep down the weeds between rows as a farm market- “bonus with purchase” ;)

The berries will be enjoyed in loads of recipes- the favorite of which is with just enough sugar to bring out the juice.

Our adventure in slow eating has resulted in some interesting discoveries.  This week- while munching on berries- the oldest boy  proclaimed them to actually taste like “strawberry flavoring”.  

That,  is sad- as- the berries we typically get at the supermarket are reminiscent of berries— but lack the full flavor-they taste more like lightly strawberry flavored, sponge. 

By purchasing fruit out of season- and flown in from all over the world… we’ve been missing out on how good, it can really taste.  I’ll be missing the fresh berries after this week… but will look forward to them all the more, next summer.

week in reviewI’ll be posting a review of my new wheel tomorrow-A Louet Victoria- for travel- camping outdoor spinning and classes.   I was lucky enough to get the very first wheel sold from The Loopy Ewe. Sheri is amazing- and will “officially” start carrying wheels later this summer.   

The Loopy Ewe’s Frequent buyer program even applies to wheel purchases!  Besides her customer service cannot be beat.  I can’t recommend The Loopy Ewe highly enough. 

If you are leary about online purchasing- and don’t have a local shop that can suit your needs- Go ahead- order from the Loopy Ewe- you won’t be disappointed.

I am thrilled with both the wheel and the purchasing experience!

Tomorrow- wheely specific details:)



fiber expoI think, Noah is an alpaca.  He seems to be in love.  He spent most of the afternoon “humming” to alpaca’s.

 We went to the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo on Saturday.   I picked up a few fibery goodies- including some BFL Roving— which nearly spins itself. Nice.

There is also some alpaca yarn in a nice lt brown natural color.

The center pic is Briar Rose Sea Pearl.  Yum. Not pictured is Briar Rose Earth Song.  

The top center- is a new pair of slippers to be felted for Mr.  I’m trying a new pattern- a bit simpler than the FT pattern- will review after felting.

 The Blue is handpaint BFL and Merino blend- earmarked for a special project.  It’s from “Little Acres Farm” In Grayling Mi— sorry no website info on the bus card!  But this is wonderful roving!

The Fiber expo was great.  Not so big as to be totally overwhelming.  Was able to hit every vendor- (I think) As close to rhinebeck as I’ll ever get;)

Noah also loved the angora bunnies—- but no animals came home with us.  Although SOMEONE in the car smelled a bit like an alpaca……

I seriously doubt the “association” would appreciate farm animals.  Just sayin. 

I’m hoping to have some handpun- and hand knit Christmas prezzies complete soon.  ;)