We watched her line the nest with bits and pieces of comfort she found in our little piece of the world.  We watched her tend they beautiful blue eggs, carefully turning and always warming.

We watched, as the eggs hatched.

We mourned the two that didn’t.

We looked at the tiny raw looking birds and wondered if they would survive.

We watched as she spent her days, finding and bringing food to her fast growing babies.

We watched them peek their heads from the nest and reach up to grab the treats she brought.

We watched as their tiny pink bodies became feathered and strong.

We watched as they flexed newly feathered wings and teetered on the edge of the nest.

I held my breath and watched as they took flight.  I feared the worst, and hoped for the best.

I shouldn’t have worried, they were born to fly.

It was beautiful. I watched as he flew to the neighbor’s roof and chirped in victory.

Tears filled my eyes.

I am a mother.  I’ve watched my children change and grow. I’ve watched them flex their newly feathered wings of self determination and hop to the edge of our nest.  I’ve watched them hop and fall, I’ve watched them take test flights.

Soon, (way too soon, actually) they will, one after another,  leave our nest. I used to fear that day.  I watched with worry: “Will they be ready? Are their wings strong enough? What if they fall?  Is it a safe place to fly?”

But not today.  Today, I know they were made to fly.

Dear Lord- I can see my boys standing on the edge of our nest. Flexing and flapping and preparing to fly. Give them courage to jump lord…  give lift to their wings. When I worry, I pray you’ll remind me they were born to fly.  amen.