In just a few minutes, I’m heading out to the mall. Not for my typical mall run that involves coffee and bookstores and shoe shopping.  I’m going to do an experiment in judgment. I’ll be counting the number of times I make snap judgments about the people I see there. In one hour.

I’m nervous. Let’s just say, if my theory is right, and we all do this everyday… then, the same number of people  will (possibly)  be making snap judgments of me, while I sit there sipping a latte.

So just for fun, and maybe  a contest…. How many judgments (assumptions made about someone’s character based on their appearance or quickly observed behavior) will I make in one hour?

The experiment will work like this: I will move to 4 different locations around the mall during that hour- so I don’t stack the deck by sitting near any one particular store… (ummm yeah…. my Grandma shops at JC Penney and the goths all shop at Hot Topic… sooo too easy if I just sit there :P)

Post your guess in the comments-  I’ll pick up a little giveaway while I’m there:)

Edited to add— I’ll keep the comments open for this post until Midnight 9/17  *** the prize?

Hello Kitty Earbuds purchased at the mall, of course:)

if you send tweet a message linking here- or facebook post a link let me know and I’ll give you an entry for a second pair that will be drawn at random:)

The experiment went well- but I’ll be running it again- I only counted my negative judgments.. and I know I made positive ones too:) I also want to go on a busier day/ time and to a bigger mall… although I’m kind of scared of the results!

“They are not practical. They are probably not comfortable. I may not be able to walk in them. They are not in my budget. I don’t have anywhere to wear them.“ I tried to talk myself out of them. I wasn’t very convincing.

I wanted them anyway.

It was love at first sight.

They had 4” satin covered stiletto heels. Their instep was crisscrossed by dainty- braided, bronze- leather straps. When I slipped them on my feet, I felt like a goddess. I was Cinderella ready for the ball, even though I was actually wearing mom-jeans and pushing a stroller. They were my size! It was meant to be.

They were even on clearance…but not quite marked down far enough.

I visited them weekly, like a loved one in jail. I daydreamed about the day we’d be united. I nervously watched as they were marked down each week, and I gambled on whether they’d be sold (there was only one pair) before I could save up enough.

Yes, they were shoes. But not just any shoes…they were “those” shoes….. (more…)